Hi, I'm Dmitry,
iOS Developer
I am a iOS developer from Moscow. I am 26. More than 6 years ago, I started developing mobile applications.
Now I have developed more than 30 iOS applications published in App Store and 3 author courses have been created.
  • iPhone and iPad Apps
  • WatchOS Apps
  • tvOS Apps
  • Server-Side for mobile applications (Node.js)
My Budget
Finance Accounting Application
My Budget will allow:
  • Quickly add revenue or expenses, while you can add checks to transactions
  • Keep a shared budget or use multiple devices with cloud sync
  • Use currencies of different countries
  • Set limits on certain categories and track the dynamics
  • Keep track of expense and income statistics
  • Sync Transactions with Bank
  • Add invoices or bank cards and track transactions on them

The official app of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
The university has now become much closer to you, because now, using the application, it has become possible:
  • Stay up to date on the current schedule and share it with classmates
  • Add activities to the calendar
  • Receive notifications one hour before class
  • Create your own tasks that are easy to manage
  • Learn about the latest University news
  • Know about upcoming events
  • To get acquainted with the structure of Plekhanovka
Want to develop an app?
I can develop any application that you need. We will often communicate in order to take into account all the wishes.
Each project will go through the following steps:
Specification Preparation
At this stage, the functionality of the application will be discussed, including all conditions and wishes. Also at this stage the approximate cost will be determined.
Design Discussion
At this stage, the layout design of the application will be discussed. If it is not, then I can prepare it based on your requirements.
Prototype development
At this stage, a prototype application will be created that will correspond to the design, but without the basic functionality, as well as without connecting to the server side (if it will)
Infrastructure preparation
At this stage, the server part will be created (if necessary), and all the basic functionality will be finalized.
The developer account in Apple and all the necessary procedures are also being prepared.
Testing and bug fixing
This is the most important stage in which we will jointly search for errors and correct them.
Publish to App Store
This is the happiest stage! After it, your application will be available worldwide.
Application development according to the technical specifications
from $500
Prototype development
from $300
Server side development
from $400
Application Design Development
from $300
Optimization and Bug Fixes for finished apps
from $300
Contact me and we will develop your application together
+7 (995) 918-53-97